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Flea Spray For A House: How To Get Rid Of Fleas?

Fleas are one of the common house parasites which feed on the blood of pets or other animals. If you have dog or cat, then there is a probability of fleas at your house. Another major thing about flea you should know that the flea can jump more than expected. As compared to other species or parasites, flea jumps more than others and feed blood of pets, animals, and humans also. They jump from pets to human as their jumping strength is about 295 feet. They also cause some health diseases on pets and the most probability of causing human health impacts. This is why people want to eliminate flea, and they are in search of best flea killer for a house.

There is a bunch of flea killer available; you can use market products or use house remedies that can help to avoid fleas from a house. Some of the chemical products such as sprayers are available that can easily avoid fleas. Some of the insect killers are available such as-

Dish soap

Dish soap is one of the most harmful substances for fleas. The liquid mixture of dish soap and warm, water you need to apply on a floor. The liquid of dish soap and water has more viscosity. When you apply the mixture in your rooms of your house then most probably the fleas get trapped in the viscous mixture. It is easy, affordable and best flea treatment for home.


You can find hundreds of flea killers from a market that includes some chemical substances. This is the most working remedy to avoid fleas from a house. You just have to spray on home accessories and corner of a house. Also, spray near the place where your pet probability sites. Also, spray on kitchen and toilet where they can live. Ask store keeper to give flea killing spray which is affordable and can help to eliminate fast. Keep the sprayer far from kids as it may be poisonous for them


Salt, baking soda and other similar powder you must spray on affected area. Salt and baking soda both includes killing substance that can kill fleas. Place salt or baking soda on the room’s floor regularly for weeks. You can experience in some days that the population of fleas has decreased.

Lemon spray

The lemon spray is the best flea killer for a house which does not require any external expenses. Also, it is not harmful to human health. Keep lemon juice in a sprayer, and then spray at an infected area such as furniture, room corners, kitchen, door corners, windows, and wet places. Also, apply the lemon juice on your pet’s skin if it is infected. Spray the liquid at regular manner. In some days, the fleas have eliminated.

Herbal flea spray

Make a mixture of 4-liter vinegar, 500 ml lemon juice, 2 liters of water and 250 ml hazel in a big sprayer bottle. This mixture is best flea treatment for home because it is most dangerous for fleas but suitable for pets and humans. Therefore, the mixture you have made at home is best suitable to get rid of fleas. This cause population control of fleas also as it destroys flea’s eggs.