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Best Flea Treatment for Home

flea spray tips

If you own a pet, then you must be aware of the problems through which they suffer. One of the biggest problems is of the pleas, which can give you sleepless nights. Fleas usually feed on vertebrates, so they can be easily seen in dogs, cats, and rabbits. They can quickly get themselves multiply and can make their overwhelming presence at your place. Their eggs are dropped anywhere in the house and turn into larvae and then into a complete flea. The most irritating problem with them is that the eggs that are dropped remain inactive for years, and you start feeling that your place is flea free, but you are wrong. After some time you can again feel their presence. That why it is important to keep a constant monitoring over them and make use of Flea spray for a house, at regular intervals to prevent any chaos.

Here are listed some of the best flea treatment for home:

  1. Dish soap: this is the best homemade trap for the fleas. It is created by using dish soap and water. You are required to fill the bowl with warm water and soap and place in that year where you observe the maximum flea activity. The solution so formed will act like glue and stick those fleas because of its high velocity.
  2. Herbal spray: in order to get rid of these fleas quickly, this is the best treatment. This remedy is made using nontoxic products, which makes it suitable to use over pets. It consists of vinegar (4 liters), water (2 liters), and lemon juice (500ml) and hazel (250 ml) in a bottle. And Before applying this mixture, vacuum the whole area and spray it appropriately to get the best results.
  3. Baking soda: vacuuming is the best way to get rid of these fleas. But it can turn to be more efficient with the usage of baking soda. For this, apply it to the surface and rub it thoroughly, after it vacuums the place and empties its contents outside the house.
  4. Lemon spray: – it can also be treated as a right remedy the citrus spray can be used on the place which is highly infected. It can be made by cutting the lemon piece precisely and add a little water to it. Keep the mixture for boiling. Give it a rest for a night and pour it into a bottle. Next day apply the solution all over the places.

Although all these home remedies are not 100% effective. They can control the problem but can’t completely solve it. This is because, through these remedies, only the adults get affected, leaving all the larva’s get unaffected. This can give rise to another flea infestation.

The finest way to get rid of them is by making use of the professionals. They can offer you the best services and remove all the flea infestation from your home and work place. So in case you are suffering from fleas’ problem then make use of the best flea killer for a house or go for professional help.