The Best Flea Spray for Furniture

The Best Flea Spray for Furniture

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Best Flea Sprays 2018

Best Flea Sprays 2018

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Best Remedy to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

Best Remedy to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

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Homemade Flea Spray For Dogs

As pet owner, fleas are your common problem. During warm weather, fleas run rampant in your yard and bite your furry pet.  Most flea bites cause a little bump, but it could lead to serious consequence. Regularly check for fleas in your dog so you can quickly do measures to eliminate them.

Some health problems cause by fleas

  1. Flea allergy dermatitis -Your pet constantly scratches and causes swelling and welts on the skin.
  2. Hot spots – Due to itchy skin, constant scratching or chewing of the skin can create hot spots
  3. Tapeworms – Your dog might accidentally swallow a flea and develop a tapeworm. Tapeworms will occupy your pet’s intestine, and get all essential nutrients.
  4. Anemia – Fleas will suck the blood of your pet which makes your pet anemic.
  5. Bartonella infection follows when your pets are bitten by a flea that carries the parasite.

Bring pets to your vet to get the best remedy from flea bite. Meanwhile keep yourself vigilant for fleas attack. To keep fleas at bay, concoct a DIY homemade spray for fleas.

Vinegar homemade flea spray

Make your own flea spray for dogs using what is in your kitchen. Do you know that vinegar is harmful to fleas? Well, fleas hate vinegar as vampires flees from garlic. So why not make a homemade flea spray? When your pet is doused with vinegar, fleas know it is time to move on.

Follow these steps

Step 1 – Find a clean spray bottle.

Step 2 – Fill it with 1/2 amount water and 1/2 amount of apple cider vinegar.

Step 3 – Mix them well. Spray your pet with the mixture.

Let your pet air dry (as long as it is warm enough) and repeat as often as you like.

Note: White vinegar will do as well but apple cider is better since your pet will likely lick himself after the spray and apple cider is good. Vinegar will drive away fleas.

Homemade flea spray with lemon:

Another flea spray for dogs is made with lemon. Lemon is another natural, handy flea remedy. Anyone can make a flea spray from a lemon.


You will need a single or more lemons depending upon the strength of your spray. Do not peel and slice them thinly. Fill the kettle with a pint of water, place the slices in the water and let it boil. Leave the boiled concoction to cool to cool overnight. Fill spray bottle with the blend and spray your pet as in a shower. The fleas will jump off from your pet because lemon is abhorrent to them.

Advantages using homemade flea killer:

Compared with flea sprays in the market, homemade flea spray for dogs is much better. The ingredients from your made in your kitchen are totally natural. Pet parents are confident that the spray is harmless for the dogs as well as people and other pets at home. Here have been recent warnings issued on how safe pet flea products and treatments are. Although the danger is a probability, it is better to be safe than sorry. Your homemade flea spray is safe; it is not only very effective but inexpensive!