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The Best Flea Spray for Furniture

best flea spray for furniture

Fleas are diminutive but cause gigantic damage. These bloodsuckers are small and tiny but have cost America yearly around $9 billion for pest control aside from being one of biggest single expenses for pet owners. Man against flea is a perennial battle. Flea is a regular destroyer of man’s property Consider how fleas harm your pets and cause your family to scratch from their bite.

Pets are best venues used by fleas to enter your house but inside, they seek refuge on floors, carpets and furniture. Fleas are not intimidated by hard-surfaced floors as they crawled between cracks, edges of wood, laminated, or tile floors. They also seek refuge in furniture, bedding, and area rugs. If a person or pet comes near the furniture, they hitch a ride and take advantage of moving around and inflicting others. Your best protection is to use a spray and drive them out of the furniture.

Use a spray to control cycle of fleas before it starts. An infestation is hard to deal with since just treating adult insects will not stop the spread. The spray must also kill the flea larvae and eggs to prevent them to develop into adults. Keep your home comfortably flea free with a spray formula.

Commercial flea spray for furniture

Kill fleas, flea eggs and larvae found on carpets and furniture to prevent flea’s infestation for months. You can break the life cycle of fleas and stop flea eggs from hatching. One flea sprays is able to treat very wide floor area.

Active ingredients in flea and tick sprays called neurotoxins attack and upset the nervous system of the fleas that causes a quick death while the growth inhibitors stops eggs and larvae from developing in order to prevent future infestations.

Reasons to use flea spray

Flea sprays have multi-function not only to kill and repel fleas but including ticks and mosquitoes. Its ingredient must be safe and gentle so it can be used around young pets. It keeps everything at home smelling fresh, as well as your pets. Fleas are eliminated from carpets, as well as beddings of pets and other places around your home. It is not a messy spray as it keeps the environs clean. Aside from being user-friendly, it lasts for months and a good way to save on your budget.

How to use

At a distance of 2 or 3 feet from surfaces to be treated, hold the can and spray the entire area of the carpets and all floor baseboards with solid surface. Spray underneath all furniture as beds, chairs and sofas. Spray all surfaces of carpets, drapes, and all upholstered furniture evenly with a fine mist using sweeping motion. Pet bedding is fave place for fleas to hide so treat it well with spray. Repeat the spray at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. Do not spray your pets.

Best flea spray

Flea spray is the best when it thoroughly and completely destroys all fleas, their eggs, mosquitoes and ticks. Without organic chemicals, it is very safe for your family and pets. Although it kills and controls fleas, it is safe for dogs and cats for it rid them of fleas and tick. Spray it on the plants to kill the fleas on them but it will not harm the plants. It is stain-free spray so no worry making the room dirty. It is absorbed by carpets and kills fleas and ticks burrowing inside. So fleas and ticks will have no place to hide. Don’t spray on edible items.

Best flea spray is your protection from these perky mites. Check presence of fleas from your pets and home from to time to time. Do not allow them to start infestation so have flea spray always ready to stop them.